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Telephone Numbers for Utilities:
Below are some telephone numbers that should be handy for any new Celebration resident or resident-to-be:

Cable TV: Comcast, 1-800-COMCAST www.comcast.com

Electric Company: Duke Energy, 1-800-700-8744 http://www.duke-energy.com/residential.asp

Garbage: Celebration Sanitation Services, 1-321-939-1805 www.cssfl.com

Propane: Teco, 1-407-425-4662 www.peoplesgas.com

Security System and Inside Lines: Mitech, 1-407-566-1411

Telephone Company and DSL: Smart City, 1-407-828-6700 www.smartcity.com

Water and Sewer: Enterprise CDD, 1-407-566-1935 www.enterprisecdd.org